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5 Tasteful Ways of Adding Gold to your Interiors


In the details of your dream abode, and hanging with pride in your closets – what stays constant in luxurious living are gold accents. With festivals that are synonymous to magnanimous celebrations for families, around the corner, add the most poised form of luxury to your interiors with Gold accents to add the sparkle and shine your home décor needs.

Gold-leafing, home furnishings adorned with gold embellishments, furniture designs drenched in rich layers of gold, add an edge of sophistication to your home décor. A trend that has been there since forever and is here to stay can brighten up your interiors in myriad options.

We have brought together a few exciting ways to incorporate the rich shade of gold to your interiors:

Gold up your Living Room


A balanced touch of matte and sparkle is all that it takes! Drench the artistically designed interiors in gold and createbeautiful living room décor in this sophisticated hue.

How To:

  • Incorporate patterns in your décor strategy to add layers of gold to your living rooms.
  • Lines and shapes have ruled international design philosophies for years now. Incorporate clean lines and patterns in form of wall arts, or home furnishings.
  • Let the patterns be complimented with bold contrast shades, instead of repeating too many patterns around the room.

Nothing compares the allure of varied tinges of gold, lined together to enlighten the mood of your living room.

A bit of Silver, a bit of Gold

gold accents in your interiors_Casa Paradox

Up the design quotient of the room with a statement piece that has the metallics’ romancing with one another. Adding oodles of ‘subtle’ to your décor, the perfect balance of gold and silver can add poise and understated glamour to the interiors like no other!

How To:

  • Splurge on accent furniture pieces designed in silver and gold.

In a generation of minimalist trends, adding a touch of glitz could not get easier than this.

Light it up with Gold

gold accents in home decor by Casa Paradox

Revamp your interiors with statement pieces drenched in bold gold to add just the right amount of glamour to your interiors.

How To:

  • Accented home décor accessories stand out in conventional as well as unconventional decors.
  • However, avoid adding too much noise to the space with too many bling homes pieces and let that one statement piece shine, and stand out, accentuating the luxury quotient of your interiors.

Golden Layers

Gold accents in your bookshelves by Casa Paradox

Touch of gold on your furniture can glam up your interiors, like no other.

How To:

  • For those who dig the minimalist’s design quotient, the right balance of layers of gold on your furniture, will add the right impact to its design.
  • Let the furniture piece stand alone with enough room as the center piece of décor in the room.

The shade that continues to be the royal favorite since decades now, can be added to your home décor plans to add an edge of royalty to the furniture.

Golden Accents for Glamour

gold accents_ Casa Paradox

G is for Gold, and G is for Glamour! Design your room by putting together pieces that are amped up with Gold accents. Associated with grandeur and prosperity, there is no colour, as auspicious as Gold, to add luxury to your home décor this festive season. Also associated with love, passion, and compassion, Gold adds warmth to your home and life like no other!

How To:

  • A balance of the grand tinge, with the subtle white, settles your worries to create a grand space and adds a sense of serenity to your living space.

Follow these easy home decorating trends to drench your home with royalty, while maintaining the subtle drama in your décor.

Stay tuned to this space for eclectic home décor trends!