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Add the Ultra Stunning ULTRA VIOLET to your Home Décor

ultra violet

When Pantone announces a new color of the year, the announcement is often a narration of a deep rooted thought, unfolding gradually into a story – where the color is the language that binds the thought with the world.

Rummaging through the pages of 2016 and 2017, Rose Quartz and Serenity from 2016 unfolded an androgynous tale, establishing gender blur as an immediate concern. 2017 saw the awakening of a sustainable spirit in the world of design, as Greenery – a reminder of nature’s untouched beauty wrapped the design connoisseurs in its sensibility.

This year, Pantone takes a dramatic swing and zeroes in on a shade that recites futuristic vision. Tying our heartstrings to the everlasting space and endless possibilities of what is yet to come, Pantone experts’ underscore inventiveness and imagination as Ultra Violet is enthroned as the color of the year 2018.

An inventive and distinct shade, Ultra Violet stands out as a far cry from the Greenery that basked your home décor last year. When the shade drenched all trend stories in its imaginative glory, the unconventional devotees inside some of us squealed with delight. It is finally time to redefine the idea of designs with the mysteries of the Universe. Bring in the cosmic dance to our space and feed the desire of the soul to pursue the unknown – the limitless sky.

While our imagination runs beyond the walls of the possibilities, Ultra Violet can be a tricky color to incorporate in your interiors. We have all played around with various shades of purple adding soft tones of a rhythm of sublime elegance or trend revolutions so far – but Ultra Violet is a serenade!  Before you jump on the bandwagon, take a look at the décor ideas that can inspire you to express your sense of individuality with the cosmic shade.

  • ultra violet
    Color of 2018 – Pantone