Interior Design

Add Visual Warmth to your Home Décor

For the Northerners in India, winter is almost here! Excited much? While we bump into winter lovers almost every now and then, if you are not the winter-loving kind, we have still got you covered!

Your home resonates your personality and all that you stand for! If winter is the season that makes you happy as a clam, express the joy by planning a makeover of the interiors of your house. But if gliding from a hot and humid summer, to a long, freezing winter is synonymous to jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, for you, worry not! A home makeover is all that you need to create your personal space into ‘your kind of wonderland’ for this winter.

Warm up with Lights!

winter decor ideas by Casa Paradox Luxe 2 (1)

Open spaces of your house can be transformed into cozy spaces by adding a plethora of lights to your home décor. From chandeliers to uniquely designed lamps, there’s a myriad of designs to feed your winter home décor desires.

How to:

  • Add statement lights to your dining area to make the space warmer and pleasant for winter meals with family
  • One large chandelier or multiple medium sized chandeliers in interesting color combinations can add warmth and a fun vibe to your room

Add Artsy Wallpapers

Your favorite space in the house needs a do-over with a balanced touch of creative flair, quirky prints, ethnic designs or prints and colors that feeds your distinctive taste.

How to:

  • Choose a distinctive wallpaper design that translates your style statement in the language of art
  • Fill in the space with accented furnitures in contrasting shades to add a bright vibe and fun aura to the space. 

Décor-up the Corners

Drive away the ‘Spring has gone’ blues with fresh flowers, decorations highlighted with flowers or flower petals, and embroidered cushions decorated in the corners of your living and bedroom.

How to:

  • Bring winter flowers home and adorn beautiful statement vases with the prettiest blooms of the season
  • Add an edge of sophistication to the décor with decorative candles
  • Add comfortable layers around your interiors with embroidered cushions

Layer up the Living Room

winter decor_Casa Paradox

A plethora of bright cushions, rugs, and throw blankets can add the much needed warmth to your room. Layering up is the easiest way to go about it. Cushion up your sofas to create a warm and fun filled vibe to your living room.

How to:

  • In this case, yellow cushions have been added to the room’s décor to bring in the element of warmth and sunshine
  • Create exciting color combinations in the room, think ‘unique contrasts’, and mix in solid colors and printed textures
  • Place knitted light blankets and sofa mats to accessorize your living space 

Let ‘Themes’ Play

winter decor ideas by Casa Paradox Luxe (4)

You know what makes adding visual warmth to your home décor really easy? – Figuring out a theme to play around the specific places in your interiors. With the onset of winters, a myriad of themes serve as designing inspirations. From Halloween specials, to winter wonderlands, and Christmas jitters, all ideas serve as perfect décor inspirations to amp up your rooms.

How to:

  • Choose a theme and don’t overdo it.
  • Add a few pieces that have the element of the theme involved – cushions, table decors, wall arts etc.
  • Let the chosen color combinations for the room do most of the talking for you.


Turn your home into the coziest winter space you could ask for with this 5 easy steps and bring in the winter warmth to your home décor.