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Renowned for her exceptional interior aesthetics and her distinguished taste, Raseel Gujral Ansal creates a romantic rendition of her love affair with elements of the nature with a signature line of Luxury Wallpapers.

Diverse prints inspired from nature’s pristine beauty have come together seamlessly to dress the walls of your hermosa casa in a blanket of the world you want your room to depict. Keeping in mind the diverse taste of this generation home-doers, the wallpaper line further explores the realm of pristine vintage luxury and takes you on a walk through the lanes of Rome’s majestic beauty.

Uprooting the banal concepts out of home décor ideas, Designer Raseel Gujral Ansal shares; “You must own something that makes you happy; strikes a conversation and marks your own identity, and I strive to cater to that sentiment. It gives me a sense of peace to offer quality whilst endeavoring to create something which will always be ‘that special piece’.”

Browse through the diverse range of eclectic wallpapers that can transform your space completely –

  • casa paradox wallpaper
    Elegant swans to add a mystifying beauty to your home décor