Navin Ansal

President & Founder

Navin Ansal attempts to capture the spirit of his times and engage in the exciting potential that bubbles at the surface of modern India. In his own words: ‘Casa Paradox gives me the freedom to express the confidence, power and attitude of today’s design world. It also gives me the opportunity to say something about the way I want our modern India to be’.

His innate flair and sense of international style combined with the radical genius Raseel, created Casa Paradox in 1993. While Raseel Gujral Ansal actively handles the design and architectural projects, Navin handles the business of Design.

Revered as much for his business acumen as for his sense of style, Navin Ansal is continually featured in national and international publications for his sense of style and his opinion on the burgeoning design industry in India.

He has successfully brought Casa Paradox to be the front runner in a bourgeoning and chaotic lifestyle segment, by consciously providing a premium quality product and at the same time keeping the integrity of design paramount. Navin Ansal has an indomitable vision of expanding Casa Paradox and Casa POP through franchises within India and internationally. Casa Paradox’s retail flagship showroom is in New Delhi at The Gallery, MG Road. It is a reflection of his personal style, high standards and business acumen, complimented by the creative vision of Raseel Gujral Ansal.

On Business & Expansion Plans

Having been in the business of design for almost 23 years now, I view the industry from an evolved lens. I remember when we started out with Casa Paradox in 1993, ours was truly the only lifestyle showroom born out of India, of its caliber, to meet the demands of ready to move furniture and soft furnishings, in the organized market. Casa Paradox has seen an impeccable journey from start and we feel proud to assess the growth of the brand, from where we stand today. We were one of the first Indian brands to exhibit at the very prominent, Maison et Objet Paris show of 2013 and garnered a very positive and fulfilling response from the visitors.

Very recently, with the launch of Casa POP, Paradox’s prêt diffusion line, our entire game plan has strategically diversified into pret to cater to an unexplored market and to our surprise is met with a huge success. Casa POP has seen a phenomenal response from the consumers and investors alike and we hope to expand over to 34 stores nationally and internationally, within a span of 2 years. We plan to expand internationally with a focus on markets such as Dubai and Paris, which will find synergy with our offering.

While a Paradox customer will be informed and discerned and might take a while to make a purchase because of the unit of money involved, POP is absolutely an impulse buy product! People see it, love it and instantly want to own it. So we have something for everybody and would be adding more sister brands under Casa Paradox which will cater to a more democratized market of bridge-to-luxury.


Style can sometimes translate to arrogance. I grew up in Punjab and I remember the 50s – there were landowners with deep voices, broad shoulders, impeccable manners, great style, and an ability to wield a fork and a gun with equal elan. I was inspired by their style, but not by their arrogance. My brother was an epitome of style, and so was my father, Tek Ansal. Since I spent my early years with both of them, some of it rubbed off on me. Icons and inspirations are important I believe. My father’s dressing flair was reflected in his leather boots, Panama hats, dinner jackets and Pathani suits.

I don’t care for labels, I would pick up an Armani suit from a fancy European boutique or spend the same on a stunning handmade piece that I may chance upon somewhere in the back of beyond. In that sense, fashion is all about impulse. Finer things in life go beyond the clothes you wear or the watch you sport. A home also reflects your style, so spend on it as much as you would on your wardrobe. Heritage pieces or antiques will add character to your home. Add art to the blend and you will truly have made your mark as a stylish individual


People travel for various reasons: some for the compulsions of their catapulting careers, some for seeking out new pleasures, and some simply to get away from it all. Raseel and I travel for all three reasons. Our work takes us places… to international fairs to source products for our clients and our stores. These happen all over the world: Paris, Germany, Milan. Twice-a-year we take off and get our 'info' overload on all that's happening in the world of interiors. But we also take holidays. Short ones in India, when we drive up to the hills in the North or to Rajasthan. Or longer ones abroad, when we just to go one place for three-four weeks and relax. We hate socializing on holidays, and never travel with friends. I love traveling, with the people I love, to a destination where we can be undisturbed. I travel a fair bit for work, but it's done grudgingly. I'm not the sort to want to fly out for a meeting!