Indo Colonial ChaandBagh

Chaand Bagh, spread out in 2.5 acres and taking 18 months (from July 2010 to December 2011) to complete, the project's main objectives were to give the grandest experience while keeping the site in mind. Inspired by palaces and Indo-saracenic elements, the entire complex has a symmetrical layout and an absolute orientation to the North-south axis.

The drama unfolds as you enter; the main entrance dome greets you, flanked by water channels on either side. The front facade is a play of jaalis and glass in a rhythm that governs the play of heights.The total covered area is 30000 sq. ft. With generous passages, accidental vistas and ceiling heights averaging 15’, the volume of Chaand Bagh's main residential building gives an ethereal feeling to any visitor

Attention has also been given to light and shade, softly dictated by the use of grand openings, 12’ high on average. The play of shadows guides you into the heart of the house. The main entrance dome with a height of 30' and an octagonal geometry leads unto the living space flanked by corridors on either side; which lead to the master suites and ancillary rooms.

The right passageway leads to the morning room dome, the master study, a pantry and the master bedroom suite. To the left of the living space, comes the passage leading to the dining room, the home office, the kitchen and a bedroom.

The Dining Room and the Morning Room contained within domes at the rear of the building have heights of 30’ and archaic openings of 17’ each; with ceilings painted in the traditional Jaipur manner. Each passageway has a stairwell cleverly concealing a powder room. On the upper level, the passageways lead to the guest bedroom, another bedroom and terraces.

The passageways are connected by a family room with an oval float ceiling with a height of 21'. The family room leads to a terrace overlooking the lawn, the pool and the rear pavilion. The swimming pool, 75’long and 40’ across, gives the rear pavilion an unparalleled frontage.The poolside pavilion has two guest rooms on either side which look back on the main building. Beneath the pavilion, lies the basement level, which comprises of stores, a pantry and the service rooms for the pool.

At the south-east section of the site lies the servant block which consists of four rooms on the upper level. All services have also been accommodated within this block. With commanding vistas and exceptional spatial play, the entire site follows a typology which pays tribute to the palaces of bygone times.