Neo Contemporary

Muted colours and a play on space trump excessive ornamentation in an expansive farmhouse in Westend Greens, Delhi. In 2011, six years after construction on their three –acre farmhouse had begun, the homeowners could finally move into their peaceful new abode on the outskirts of Delhi. The delay, caused due to certain logistical reasons, proved to be an enormous challenge for interior designer Raseel Ansal of Casa Paradox. “Every year my design philosophy changed and accordingly, I needed to upgrade the vocabulary in almost the entire house.” says Ansal, who, despite the long – drawn process, ensured that the interiors of 2,787 - square- meter residence where contemporary in every respect. Unsurprisingly, even though the eight – bedroom house didn’t resemble what the blueprints suggest she had set out to achieve, the homeowner had no reason to complaint.

A 300 – kilogram bronze sculpture from Florence, which stands on a striking red Spanish carpet in an otherwise stark nine-meter high entrance area, catches the eye and exemplifies the idiosyncrasies evident throughout the house. It is this juxtaposition of bold elements within a subtle ambience that also connects the impressive residence with its homeowner – a globetrotter, but a man of simple taste. Of the house and its owner, Ansal says, “There is a sense of flamboyance and glamour, but its toned down. “