Interior Architecture

Raseel Gujral Ansal Worxx

With an incredible team of interior designers, Casa Paradox is the place where all high end interior design ideas can find their expression. From space planning to custom options in flooring, lighting, furniture, drapery and fabric designs created by our professionals, Casa Paradox is the complete high end interior design destination. Our philosophy is to create interiors that are elegant, bold, defining, sophisticated and unique. We deliver attention capturing high end interior designs that rejuvenate, inspire and encompass the essence of living well.

Through a collaborative, cohesive relationship built on a thorough comprehension of your aspirations and objectives, our team comprising a wealth of experience and creative energy will whet the myriad of alternatives into a crisp, exhilarating representation of you. Encompassing a variety of styles ranging from the traditional to the contemporary and regardless of determinants such as the size or scope of your project, our absolute commitment and energy is devoted to making your venture extraordinary. Our team effectively aims their efforts into crafting spaces which are a true representation of a client’s imagination thereby resultantly evoking a truer feeling of home.

Our service spectrum ranges from entirety in renovation by incorporating scale, equilibrium, pace and accord, all conforming to the principles of an effective design to realize your vision of your home. Our space charting draft floor plans isolate the ambiguity of furniture placement and with detailing suggestions from the color consultation to the furniture, fabrics, fixtures and accessories, the drama and charm of every unique design is accentuated.

Having undertaken both residential as well as commercial interior design projects and in process amassing an experience spanning over two decades, our teams are exceptionally equipped to collaborate with all project stakeholders to ensure that the clients vision is fully realized through our efficient design process. The design solutions offered are an amalgamation of our diverse team ideologies which not only conform to precise client needs but establish trend benchmarks.

The success of our interior designs lies in skillfully blending the varied ingenious components while a consistently constituting a realization that each dwelling is as unique as its inhabitants.