Demi Classique

Designed by celebrated interior designer Raseel Gujral, this contemporary home project carries her stamp in its scale and proportions, lending the residence an air of grandiose while still being minimalist. An otherwise unabashed maximalist, here Gujral has used her design prowess to touch the other end of the spectrum. The tall windows, muted walls and a collage of lights quickly makeover an ambient mood.

The wall surfaces have been given a stone finish, their expansive surface broken intermittently with bold artwork and light fixtures designed and custom-made at Gujral’s award-winning design studio, Casa Paradox.

Generous floor area makes for easy movement when the gathering is big; for smaller group interactions there is a smattering of compact conversation areas which exude a relaxed feel. Deep-seated, comfortable leather sofas, the smart, modern bar counter and the pool are the show-stealers here.

The formal living and dining area merge into one wide open space. Here, large windows dressed in formal silk drapes lend it a cocooned theatre-like feel. On a rainy day, pulling back the drapes to watch the raindrops fall on tree tops all around is particularly enjoyable. The living area has an inverted L-shaped layout. Adding a touch of elegance and sophistication are the carefully selected artifacts and accent lamps. A majestic dining table for 12 is complemented by a custom-made sideboard from Casa Paradox.

With a large bedroom that boasts a massive bath suite and a walk-in wardrobe that caters unabashedly to a shopaholic’s escapades, there is no mistaking that this is the master suite. The huge expanse of the bedroom is given relief by a leather clad console which segregates the bed area from the sitting lounge. An abstract composition of marble on the head wall obviates the need for any art here. The colours are muted and the retro style night stands and media console steal the show. The bath suite plays with shades and textures in dark hues. Oversized flowers and strongly coloured accessories keep the sense of awe alive.

Overall, while the larger and bolder elements of the interiors receive darker treatment in terms of colours, textures and materials, there is enough visual drama at regular intervals to keep the residence from getting boring and staid at any point. That then, of course, is Gujral’s high point of talent.