It’s interesting to see how a few design features can drastically transform an apartment, giving it a whole new look and feel. Metamorphosed, this high-end apartment is now the perfect place to return to after a hectic day of meetings, negotiations and deadlines. Ensconced in a quiet and exclusive neighborhood in the capital, it is peaceful but not boring. It is a bachelor’s pad that reflects a penchant for luxury and indulgence. Very masculine in every which way, its high ceiling and open feel makes it sit smart on the first floor of a renovated modern building. The original outlay of four bedrooms was ripped open to make way for lavish private rooms, indulgent bathrooms and living areas. It is now a smart two bedroom residence, well meeting the requirements of a young man. Tall and burly ceiling-height swivel doors stand like sentinels to warmly usher in guests.

The tall swivel doors, charcoal walls and a collage of wall lights are Raseel’s foot soldiers, all of them put on double duty to quickly makeover the ambient mood. For instance, open the doors and the house becomes one continuous length of unobstructed space; turn on the lights and the warm glow makes the charcoal grey walls amber—when switched off, these large lights work as wall installations.

Broadly, the apartment is segregated into the left and the right wing with the former being the more public area, and the right wing being the private quarters; the foyer with its fixed window filters in a flood of natural light.

The home is replete with gizmos that would be the envy of any young man. Fuss-free and subtle, the clean lines, textures and gadgets tell the story of an enterprising, creative man who knows what he wants. The entertainment area resonates with a particularly edgy vibe. Deep-seated, comfortable leather sofas, the smart, modern bar counter and the wine cellar on the wall are the show-stealers here. The formal living and dining area and the bar merge into one wide open space.