I Am A Voice


The empowered era is here to stir up a storm!

We are fortunate in many ways to be a part of the bandwagon which is empowered to voice itself and be heard. We, as a generation have taken the liberty to voice ourselves and address agendas which were unspoken and unheard till now.

It feels good to breathe free in todays empowered era and live life with our own imperfect perfections. It’s a time to be who you are, live and let live! As a race we are empathizing with each other and allowing all living beings a little piece of existence that they truly deserve.

As the festival of caring and sharing is here, a time when good wins over evil and the lights of Diwali herald a new dawn. Casa Paradox by Raseel Gujral Ansal , Zooki have come together to help the voiceless by hosting an exhibition of not just their collection but also a very unique and endearing collection of hand blown glass ware crafted by the Indian artisans for PFA (People for Animals) under the creative direction of Smt Maneka Gandhi, honorable minister for women and child welfare, Govt of India.

Proceeds from the sale will help fund the 36 veterinary hospitals and animal shelters run by the NGO.