Raseel Gujral for Casa Paradox Unmasks


Introducing a neo classical collection of furniture, furnishings and fresco’s with an “Indo-French” colonial flavor

Continuing the legacy of design excellence and embodying luxuriously sensuous designs, Casa Paradox the house of cult living embarks on its grandest chapter with the launch of NEOPHILE on the 22nd January 2014 at the Gallery on MG, taking a bold step into design with an attractive blend of neo-classical renaissance that exudes an old world charm with a new voice.

Casa Paradox “Neophile” collection transcends the obvious and transforms the neo palace of India with its echoes of the past, amid French, colonial and Indian influences. It is an expression of the neo palace vocabulary which is developed in India with the inspirations that have pervaded through India in the last 500 years.

The Neophile collection cultivates a sophisticatedly luxurious style by pioneering a modernist twist into the respect for the tradition. Embodying the assimilation of an inventor’s eye for precision and an artistic desire for poise and elegance, the collection resonates as the romance of modern luxury with the ideals of classical history. The neo-classical renaissance resounds with inlays in onyx, jaali work and yet it incorporates the elements of the griffins and braiding etc.

The collection showcases unique pieces that highlight the intrinsic quality of both the traditional and a new India and host’s a truly stunning array of topical pieces in an exciting range of colours and styles. Traditional motifs and neo classical details that are lavishly ornate, and are at once iconic and covetable, give this collection an unparalleled diversity in the way in which it can be used.

Alluring to the natural and design aesthetic, the result is at once strikingly chic yet altogether proverbial. Embodying an awe inspiring infusion of character to the familiarity of a classical form, each collectable from the array transforms into an artistic legacy that both arouses fantasy as well as stirs the imagination.

The Collection will be showcased at The Gallery on MG on January 22, 2014 at a special launch event. After which the collection will be exclusively exhibited and retailed at the Casa Paradox Showrooms at The Gallery on M.G, as well as at DLF Emporio (3rd Floor), New Delhi.