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The Casa Paradox collection continues our legacy of designs that are permeated with elements from the past and merged with the international contemporary trends. The Zephyrus Throne and the Monte Cristo Bar from the collection incorporate traditional motifs and neo classical details that are lavishly ornate and are at once iconic and desirable, giving them an unparalleled diversity in the way they can be used and transitioned between seasons.

CASA INDIENthe drama of everyday life

With an incredible team of interior designers, Casa Paradox is the place where all high end interior design ideas can find their expression. From space planning to custom options in flooring, lighting, furniture, drapery and fabric designs created by our professionals, Casa Paradox is the complete high end interior design destination. Our philosophy is to create interiors that are elegant, bold, defining, sophisticated and unique. We deliver attention capturing high end interior designs that rejuvenate, inspire and encompass the essence of living well.

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CASA IVORIEthrough the looking glass

Less is more for a style that is clean on the aesthetics with an air of gravitas that radiates mysticism and sophistication. Dark in mood yet far from being somber, the collection conveys dramatic character and opulence in dignified colors. Incarnation of the Raj in a modernistic style that celebrates all that is Indian.

Traditional pieces in a fluid colonial design give nostalgia a new definition where symmetric design, graceful carved curves and rich subdued colors reveal an evolution of life in the new world. An expression that dramatizes the decorous interplay of two cultures in impeccable pedigree and enviable heritage. 

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CASA POPhigh voltage living for the urban diva

Oh My God Cabinet

From Casa Pop Shri Shri collection, the OMG – Oh My God portrays India and Indian costumes, pageantry, theatrics that speak the kitsch and the drama of everyday life. The Traditional shrine gets a graphic makeover in the cheekily named Oh My God Mandir which infuses a pop art flavor to the traditional borne shrine. The yellow lacquered wood face sports a vivid graphic of the Hindu God Shrinathji where the piece is a translation of art on a statement topical furniture piece. A drop down shutter opens to reveal an altar framed in pink LED lit fretwork and crystal bells, while Brocade panels and inserts line the inner tip- on drawers.

Band Baaja Baraat Cabinet

The ‘Band Baaja Baraat’ from Casa Pop displays the theatrical ornamentation that lurks in every Indian soul. The traditional furniture style cabinet takes center stage and gets a graphic makeover with original digital graphics printed on lacquered wood. The luxurious cabinet consists of front opening shutters that open to interior lighting with built-in soft lit bulbs setting a bar room ambiance. The Band Baaja Baraat cabinet is unique because it is a topical piece of furniture that gives one the opportunity to have art beyond the wall.

How Bizarre Seats

The how bizarre high back chairs from Casa Pop display graphics which are inspired by flamingoes that have gone astray in Versailles. The regal topical piece combines art, space and form that give one the opportunity to have art beyond the wall. The how bizarre high back seats are ornate and resplendent and dressed to the nines with seats upholstered in velvet, decorated with golden metal studs and red tassels in a keyhole pattern. The seat is fixed to the lacquered wooden high back that boasts of a backdrop of the original digital graphic art that adds a contemporary flair. The how bizarre chairs brings art from a rarified atmosphere, into accessible graphics that enhance ‘The drama of everyday life’.

Both the ‘Oh My God’ and ‘Band Baaja Baraat’ Cabinets are Raseel Gujral Ansal's take on the Modern Vanities with a tongue in cheek flavor while the How Bizarre seats are her take on regal high back thrones in the same flavor.

Sarkar Raj Dining

Nostalgia and intrigue, drama and royalty, the Sarkar Raj collection makes an endearing statement with an unlikely character amid the reminiscence of a glorious past. An untamed beast from the African savanna wanders forthrightly into the splendor of the colonial crown jewel, establishing a sense of visceral connection to history. Vivid colours juxtapose the black and white majesty of this anonymous beast to lend a sense of surreal magnificence that lingers and exhilarates. 

The dining table is composed in Teak wood frame with digital print in a high gloss lacquer finish, while the chairs in teak wood are upholstered in faux leather and seat back in satin with digital print. 

Breakfast Tray

Aesthetic beauty coupled with unparalleled functionality, the Shri Shri Red, Urban Jungle Olive and Green breakfast trays are an epic statement of rich graphic art and their incorporation into everyday life. The high resolution digital graphic is printed on a teak wood tray with a detachable frame, both in a high gloss lacquer finish, with patent leather accents at its base. Graceful in form and vivacious in design, the breakfast tray adds a burst of vivid drama to every occasion.

Corset Pieces

Inspired by the concept of a boudoir, the brocade corsets are a celebration of beauty, sensuality and a mélange of exquisite finish and effectual functionality. Being fashionable, luxuriant and feminine, the captivating design is reminiscent of a timeless romance between a woman and her indulgence. They integrate a mix of sophistication, restraint, intrigue and simplicity so describing them calls for many paradoxes because the collection in itself is paradoxical and yet entirely practical.

Combining the dark hues on a straight line wood top with the soft details of lavish silk wrapped upon a curvaceous frame, the pieces are a perfect unison of both masculine and feminine sensibilities, thereby aiding in leveling the playing field between men and women with its gender-blurring capability.

Elegantly crafted in a high gloss wooden frame, luxury brocade, gold leafing, and brass rosettes, the brocade corsets exuberate opulence while incorporating essentially effective utility. Imagination and a desire for whimsy are elements captured enchantingly in these pieces while the tonal rosette motifs on wood and fabric give the collection a chic feminine touch and preserve the romance of summer and spring.


Glamour can be infused into the everyday routine by introducing an intriguing piece that in itself is a conversation starter. The ottomans from Casa Pop are enchantingly delicate in design yet pack a vibrant neon rush. Captivating in both functionality and design, these pieces of furniture transcend to become the fine work of art from a summer rendezvous to a winter evening soiree.

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