Raseel Gujral Ansal Worxx launches

"Casa Ivorie"

A contemporary re-visit to nostalgic living

Flagship store spread over 1,750 sq ft now open at The Gallery on MG Road

Discover the Mughal and colonial influences that permeate the ethos of an “Indian summer”. Continuing the legacy of design excellence and embodying the drama of nostalgic living, the house of cult living embarks on a new chapter with the launch of Casa Ivorie with its flagship store spread over 1,750 sq ft at The Gallery on MG Road.

An incarnation of the Raj in modernistc style, Casa Ivorie celebrates all that is India and showcases newer expressions of traditional pieces in fluid colonial design that gives nostalgia a new definition. Recalling verandah living and plantation life, Casa Ivorie presents an amalgam of authentic indo-colonial furniture pieces alongside revival furniture and furnishings.

Celebrate all that is Indian with a whiff of reminiscence where symmetric design, graceful carved curves and rich warm colors reveal an evolution of life in the new world. Casa Ivorie is an expression that dramatizes the decorous interplay of two cultures in impeccable pedigree and enviable heritage.

The all-new showcase of a prêt-collection of furniture and home accents is a composition of handpicked products, along with new offerings in design innovations, by Raseel Gujral Ansal herself.

In architecture the post modern movement occupies a significant place and for India - a post colonial developed nation - has a distinct cultural context unique to its history. Unique metaphors, symbols and designs interplay with design ornamentation that bear the stamp of India's architectural and design evolution.

Says Raseel Gujral Ansal, "Indian Kitsch today is a vehicle of an accessible pan-Indianess and captures elements that we are exposed to in our daily lives. With Casa Pop, I enjoyed my unique expression of that vocabulary of design. Now with Casa Ivorie, I seek to take it a step further as I reminisce the influences I grew up with through a new lens. With each brand you get a roving eye of the Indian bazaar, its alleys, way of living and daily life icons in a sophisticated and luxurious urban fabric of contemporary India".

Casa Ivorie brings forth some of the most powerful statement pieces that are contemporary, glamorous and engaging as well as an exclusive selection of products from Rasa and Milieu for cushions, soft furnishings and quilts and also animal figurines and table ware from Sasvata by Garima Jain, wherein the timeless and soulful designs communicate an internal world of deep luxury.

Raseel Gujral Ansal's design journey began with her husband Navin Ansal in 1993 with Casa Paradox. They endeavor to celebrate the spirit of fine living with a showcase embodying global refinement and an indigenous design sense reflective of the contemporary and classic designs from the world of interiors.

2014 was a year of significance as they embarked on a new chapter with launch of their newer label Casa Pop. They continue their commitment to present one of a kind retail concepts that present a range of limited edition pieces and bring forth a distinct experience.

Adds Raseel Gujral Ansal, "I believe, in India today we are exploding into a journey of design revolution and this further fuels my passion to celebrate India and continue to be committed to discover newer expressions of its timeless original style".