Raseel Gujral for Casa Paradox

Introduces a new dimension with a play of graphics at the India Art Fair Sublime to the irreverent

‘Art by the Meter, the Art of Living’

Continuing the legacy of design excellence and embodying sensuous designs, Casa Paradox the house of cult living embarks on a new chapter into the India Art Fair with ILLUSTRATTI – A play of graphic art illusion and an introduction of 'Art by the meter, the Art of Living' by Raseel Gujral.

A fusion of Indian and Western, the Illustratti collection is Raseel’s evolution to a spontaneous and vibrant format, featuring graphic art that can be customized by dimension – from 1 square foot canvas and beyond, to eclectic prints on furniture.

‘Art by the meter’, is bringing art from a rarified atmosphere, into accessible graphics that enhance the drama of everyday life.

Illustratti is packed with youthful energy, complimented by free movement of varying forms, prints and vibrant colours that amalgamate into ones personality. The various segments within the collection lend a mood of tongue-in-cheek. It is the effervescent characterization of being who you are, and true to yourself.

On the depth of inspiration for the collection, Raseel said, “With the environment that I grew up in, and my father’s (Satish Gujral) influence, I have always been attracted to art and graphics, and I have used it in interiors, soft furnishing etc. It is only natural progression when I bring it to canvas.”

Available in varying dimensions in canvas starting from a square foot, the sub collections include Jailhouse Rock, Horse with no Name, You make me dizzy Miss Lizzy, Lucy in the sky with Diamonds, Born to be Wild and You are so Vain, amongst others.

The dynamic Illustratti ‘Art by the meter’ collection opens up to young art lovers, while even talking to audiences in the corporate or hospitality sector who may want art to canvas a huge square foot area. The collection further runs into the furniture segment, encapsulating graphic art onto the surface of quirky must-haves in your homes.

The Illustratti collection of furniture brings together art and space and form. A topical piece of furniture gives one the opportunity to have art beyond the wall. The Illustratti mandir with Sri Nath ji on its face is cheekily called “Oh My God”, symbolizing the Drama of Every Day Life!

“I am passionate about the joy of bringing a smile on your face while going about with your everyday life. Color is the oxygen you breathe; it can change the way you feel. The color in this collection is full of life and the forms are very sensuous both in the canvas and on furniture.” Raseel further added.